If you want to use SVN Server from your Proyects, only follow this steps:


1. Install Visual SVN Server Manager in your server
2. Create a new repository with right click in SVN Server Manager, for Example ERP, dont forget check the box “Create Structure”
3. Now, import your first version:
C:\Respaldo\TootleCFD>”C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server\bin\svn.exe” import -m
“Inicio” . file:///c:/Repositories/ERP/trunk

4. In Client Side using Tortoise, right click in your Repositories Folder, for example “Repositories”, and select TortoiseSVN, Create Repository here.
5. Right click in “C:\Repositories” and click on SVN Check out, please be shure you are check out a Repositorie and not the Document Root