I had a similar problem and found nothing on the web that could help me.

Try this as it worked for me.

Locate these two files mkb.config and Hub.ini

Mine were in C:UsersGaryAppDataRoamingMarmalade\

in Hub.ini there is this couple of lines

[IDE] windows=VC9 / this works for visual studio 8/


Make sure the ‘windows=VC(whatever version)’ corresponds to what you have installed. I have visual studio 2008 loaded but it requires VC9 in there for some reason. It originally had VC11X that refers to visual studio 12 when the error was reported ..I think. You might need VC10 or VC12

Anyway, whatever is in this is written to the mkb.config file when marmalade hub starts up. This is what it looks for in your set up.